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On the dubious origins of HariOnTour-L
by Aya Makarova

HOT-L started on June 9, 1997 on MACCA-L, The Paul McCartney List. Aya was busily doing nothing the whole day, and by the end of it (which was dawn in the US) she suddenly came up to her computer and sent a letter to MACCA-L asking whether there was a similar list for George. Numerous people answered, pointing out that there is Dark Horse Bulletin, a weekly newsletter run by David H (which, unfortunately, has now disappeared along with Mr H himself), but one person, Melissa K. Carroll, said "No. But if you want one, let's try!" Melissa found a free service, CoolList, and explained Aya how the list will function. "We need a name, Aya," said she. A NAME?! That's always been the hardest thing. But fortunately, at the very moment Aya got Melissa's letter, she was listening to the Dark Horse LP in her headphones. The list had been baptized as HariOnTour and started working, with only two - no, three - subscribers. The number of ones has very much increased since then. =) CoolList was a free service, and maybe that is one of the reasons why it was down so often. We had to move to keep the normal discussion going. So, Melissa bought her own domain, jibboo.com, and the list moved there - where he stayed until this June. All this time Melissa was the co-moderator and technical administrator of HOT-L, and I'd like you, reader, to say a big Thank you to her in your thoughts - without her...

Aya in Whitehall

But in June Melissa got extremely busy and had to leave her job. Now [with a little help from my friends] HOT-L resides at eskimo and is hosted by smartlist. Summing up, I can say that HOT-L is the first Internet mailing list for George and the second electronic fun club (the oldest of functioning ones). Nevertheless, unfortunately, we are not officially known by Hari (unless he lurks somewhere) and have no access to him. Maybe, with your help, it will change someday =) Special thanks (in alphabetical order) to Melissa, Diana and George Harrison [and Lynn and Cathy... =)].

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