Here is my two cents on the Magical Mystery Macca Experience at Waterstone's
I arrived in England on Saturday evening as I had to have a Sunday included in my trip for money reasons. I had some time to say hello to Big Ben and Tower Bridge which are my faves. I also cruised around some shops.

On Monday evening I decided to check what the situation was outside Waterstone's. I went there but there was nobody, no queue, only the posters telling everybody that Paul would be there on Wednesday for one hour only. I went back to the hotel, tried to read a book but couldn't stop thinking about the next day.

I arrived outside the bookstore at about 10 and went inside to ask about the big moment. Somebody from the staff kindly informed me that the queue had officially been started. Indeed, there was a gentleman next to the entrance. I went up to him and told him I was number 2. About half an hour later arrived number 3. People keep on flooding in and by midnight there must have been about 50 of us in the queue.

Early afternoon Geoff arrived and talked to us for a moment. He also asked where I was from and took down my name and the name of the city I am from. Well, I thought, now I was on the black list. Geoff was exceptionally polite and nice, which was rather surprising, at least to me. He said he remembered my face but had absolutely no idea I was from Poland. He couldn't believe I had travelled especially for the signing. "Don't you think Paul is worth it?" I asked. "I work for him. What am I supposed to say?" answered Geoff. Then he went into the store and after some time left the place.

We all had a very good time although it was FREEZING. I'd never drunk so much hot coffee in my life! The bookstore was open till 11 pm, which was very useful. One of the managers came out a couple of times to ask us how we were doing. He also asked someone from the staff to bring some coffee for us.

Time went by. We somehow managed to survive the night. The street was becoming more and more crowded. I went to the store's loo and when I was coming back Geoff found me. "You've given up your spot in the queue?" he asked. I said, "You're kidding? After so many hours?" Then he took out the blue card on which he had jotted down my name the day before and I noticed that he had checked the full version of my name!

"OK" he said. "We're preparing something special for you", and went away leaving me there wondering what on earth was going on. I thought, oh yeah, fine, Sir Paul will take me out for dinner or will kindly ask me to go on holiday with him. Hehehe, it must have been a bad joke. What else could it have been if Geoff talked about it? I went back to the queue.

At about 11 (or maybe later), Geoff came out again and asked me how I was doing and whether I needed anything. I didn't know what to think. Of course, I didn't believe him!

After 12 Geoff appeared once again to say a mysterious sentence. It went like this: "When he arrives, DON'T MOVE. Stay here, I'll come and grab you." Now, I started to feel weak in my knee.

Something WAS going on. I don't have to tell you what the crowd was like when Paul arrived. I couldn't even see him among hundreds, thousands of people. Obviously as number 2, I was standing close to the door. I saw Geoff and Mark (Hamilton) coming up. Paul must have been somewhere there as well but I couldn't spot him. Geoff called "come on, Kate," grabbed me (as he had promised) and pulled me inside the store. The crowd was pushing and my big bag got stuck in the door and I started shouting "My bag! My bag!" Someone* behind me helped to free the bag and said "Watch your bag!"

I was inside the bookstore but with my back turned to the door. When I turned round I saw those magical greenish-brown eyes looking straight at me. "You're the lady who came all the way from Poland?" sounded the sweetest words I had ever heard. Now I know it was only a moment but for me, time stood still. I didn't see anybody around as if the place was completely deserted. Only those eyes and that charming smile.

I don't remember what I said. I was dead chuffed. All I remember is that we shook hands and a moment later he said: "OK, I'm going to introduce you to the press." Me? Me? I am nobody. Why me? Not that I complain, but it was all still difficult to believe.

We walked ("the celebrated arm around my shoulder" as one of the newspapers said later) to the place of the signing. I think I told him "it is the dream of the dreams" or something like that. I really don't remember. Paul let me walk in first. There were a lot of media people flashing their cameras. Paul said "This lady came from Poland" and he moved closer to me whispering "What's your name? What's your name?" I said "Kate" and then made him repeat the full version of my Polish name. It wasn't an easy task, let's say he said it near enough.

Next, Paulie decided that the first book with which he arrived in the store (and showed to the press gathered there) would go to me. He wrote "To Kate (Poland), Paul McCartney 2000."

Now it was time to tell Paul that I had been waiting for a picture WITH him for over 20 years and I actually asked him

whether I could have it. He told Geoff to take it. Paul had his sleeves pulled up and I remember putting my hand on his hairy arm (ooh, be still my heart!) while Geoff was taking the pic. Unfortunately, he clicked in the wrong moment when my hand was not quite there! I couldn't believe my luck and eternal happiness but I had a feeling that the dream was getting to the end.

I could do anything to dream on. I asked him if I could give him a kiss. He said: "go on, love." I know that the papers said it was him who gave me a kiss. I actually like this version a lot, too.

If I tell you that I saw a double rainbow around me, it won't be an exaggeration. Not at all. Me? Kissing Sir Paul McCartney? The love of my life? Thank you, Simon R., for proving this to me.

I am totally unable to tell you how many minutes the whole thing lasted. (Simon? You must know it better). All I know is that within those minutes he called me "darling", "love", "honey" and "baby." I thanked him for everything as nicely as I could and walked away. Before I did, Paul said "Stick around for a while." Now I felt like I was going to faint.

There were a lot of reporters asking me what it had been like to meet Sir Paul. Then I must have told them I'd died and gone to heaven. I felt exhausted but really in seventh heaven. Nobody took my camera from me. I was allowed to take pics. Both, Geoff and Mark H. looked at me and then at Paul who nodded his head giving me permission to go on clicking!

At one point some of the photographers allowed me to use his ladder for a few minutes. Towards the end of the signing the press was asked to leave and I had to leave too. I had to sit on the stairs for a while as I was completely unable to walk. My friends from the queue had all got Paul's autographs but had no idea about the "royal" treatment I had received. Later we were waiting for Paul to leave the building. The crowd was still huge. I felt sorry for poor Paulie having to squeeze through all those people.

Well, this is all folks. I probably forgot about some of the things I had wanted to tell you. The dream of the dreams was reality and this is what I like most about it.

--Kate Brylska

* Not until I was back home did I learn who that someone was. My friend sent me some video footage he had managed to take and when I watched it, I saw Paul helping me with my bag!!!!!!!! I am in a state of shock again!