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Would you like to take part in serious and thoughtful discussion about Linda McCartney, her views on animal rights, vegetarian cooking, and photography? Even though Linda is no longer with us, these issues have not lost their importance. Please click the FAQ button to learn how to join this great discussion email list! Go veggie for Linda!

loveCathy Munro, moderator

LindaMac-L Earth Day Auction
Linda's photo exhibit
        James Hyman Gallery
        25 April 2008 - 19 July 2008
Linda McCartney Foods
"White Coated Man" fight animal testing
Linda's photo book Wide Open

Paul at concert for Linda
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linda's 60's exhibit

Wide Prairie
Paul's Wide Prairie Club

LindaMac-L at Wide Open
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Learn about Linda's varied interests!
Would you like to know more about her views on animals rights? PETA, Greenpeace and more?
Did you know Linda has three great cookbooks out called, "Linda McCartney's Home Cooking," "Linda's Kitchen," and her latest, "Linda McCartney On Tour?"
Linda was a photographer before she met Paul. Learn more about her photography books, "Sixties," "Sunprints," "Roadworks," and where to find them. Also, A & E sometimes reruns a great show about Linda and her photography, called, "Linda McCartney: Behind the Lens."
Linda combined two passions - stained glass and photography before her death. Find out more about the process and her photo exhibits.
For all your Linda photography and cookbooks, Beatles, Paul, George, John, Ringo and all Beatles related books and more...
Linda Please don't miss the many articles and links about Linda, her life, death, memorials, the McCartney family thank you to the New York Times, fan links to great Macca sites, breast cancer links, Wings and more!

For all of Linda's cookbooks and photo books!
Linda's Wide Prairie CD
Click and order today

Linda McCartney Centre    
The Linda McCartney Centre is a Registered Charity No.1047988 based in Liverpool on Merseyside.

For all the latest Macca news, join MACCA-L!

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Linda McCartney Remembered
by Archer & Valerie Productions

A special tribute site...
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Linda McCartney postcards celebrate the first anniversary of the Linda McCartney Centre. Pictures taken by famed McCartney photographer, Jorie Gracen.


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Find cds by the Beatles, Macca, Linda, & more

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