Beatlemania strikes Iceland as Paul arrives with Heather Mills for a conference on landmines. The couple register for the hotel's honeymoon suite under the name "P. Hutchinson". They go whale watching and have dinner at Cafe Opera. Upon leaving the hotel, they are followed by photographers, who have seen more whales than Beatles in the last 36 years. A couple miles out of town, Paul slams on the brakes of his enormous rented Toyota Land Cruiser, gets out and flings open the door of the pursuing photographer's car. According to Icelandic news reports, Paul "ordered him to go away so he didn't have to drive his car into the photographer and kill him." Still more evidence that even peaceful old hippies become more aggressive behind the wheel of a huge SUV.

Paul attends the graduation ceremony for LIPA students, handing out 200 degrees and reminiscing about the distractions the girls of Blackburn House next door caused him in his A-level Institute days.He visits the school and leaves with Heather Mills in a new silver Jaguar.

Paul invests in Magex, a secure payment technology for digital downloads, incurring the wrath of the pro-Napster music theft crowd.