The soundtrack for the Ben Elton movie "Maybe Baby" is released in the UK. Paul covers the Buddy Holly title tune with his "Run Devil Run" band, recorded in September, 1999 in Los Angeles, with Jeff Lynne producing, Wilburys-style.
Paul arrives in time to catch the second half of the New York premiere of "A Garland For Linda" at Riverside Church. Turbulent weather delays his flight, but he nonetheless takes the stage to thank the performers and the conductor (who's name he gets wrong--"Jet lag," he explains) and is mobbed by fans as he returns to his seat. The choir repeats its medley of Beatles tunes that he missed in the first half, but Paul has to tell swarming fans to shut up--nicely of course.
Paul and Heather Mills see a performance of "Swan Lake" by the New York City Ballet. Earlier he is spotted shopping with Heather, cavalierly carrying her bags. Photos by long-lensed paparazzi appear in the UK magazine "Hello" and some US tabloids.
Paul makes a surprise appearance to induct Brian Wilson into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame. At the closing jam he sings "Kansas City" and "Stand By Me" and shimmies with Soul Brother #1, James Brown.
Press reports that Paul is to contribute to an Ian Dury tribute CD.
Paul and Heather Mills attend the wedding of Paul's cousin Sally Harris in Liverpool. Brother Mike, the official wedding photographer, says, "There was somebody who looked remarkably like my brother Paul driving the car. The only thing missing was the chauffer's cap. He was very well turned out. We were all smart---we are a smart family." Paul wears a grey suit and tie...and his trademark blue and white Nike trainers.