Lennon and McCartney reunite (sort of) at Stella's Chloe fashion show in Paris. Sean Lennon joins Paul in applauding "our Stell's" fall/winter 2000 collection.

Paul tells the UK paper The Independent about coping with grief: "I thought I might be dead by the end of the year, it would just be so unbearable. I half prepared for that to happen. The nearest I did get to that was with grief and crying. But I thought, no that's a slippery path. So I tried to counteract that by just going from day to day."

At the Waldorf Astoria in New York, Paul inducts former Apple Records artist James Taylor into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. "I'm not going to go on too much about him," says Paul, as usual speaking without prepared notes, "except to say that I love him, and he's a real beautiful guy. We had a lot of good times back then...I think." Although the all-star assembly had rehearsed "Long Tall Sally" for the evening-ending jam, Paul skips it for a different party...

At 1 AM, still attired in his black tux from the Hall of Fame ceremony, Paul saunters into the lingerie-lacquered honky tonk Hogs 'n' Heifers. Located in New York's meat packing district, the establishment is famous for enticing celebrity clientele to bump and grind atop its bar festooned with bras, panties and girdles. After unsuccessfully urging a certain Sir to shake his Beatle bum atop the bar, bar tender Michelle Gascoigne, clad in a blue leather halter top,stops the music and grabs her megaphone. "With all due respect sir, you mean to tell me that you can get up on stage in front of 65,000 people at Shea Stadium, but you're afraid to get up here with little ol' me?" With all eyes glued to him, Paul snorts, "That's it girl!", ditches his tux jacket and bounds onto the bar to do an impromptu mad twist to Jerry Lee Lewis' "Whole Lotta Shakin'". Photographers snap away as Paul daringly dips his suspenders. After the dance Paul returns to his Johnny Walker Black and Coke, and joins Heather Mills in a game of pool in the bar's back room.

The provisions of Linda's will are made public. The document, drawn on July 4, 1996, leaves her 138 million-pound fortune to her husband "Sir James Paul McCartney."

After 4 months of denials, Paul confirms he and Heather Mills are romantically involved, setting off a tabloid feeding frenzy.After being photographed kissing and strolling arm in arm with Heather through London's Regents Park, the world's most eligible widower tells the press, "Yes, we're very good friends.She's a very impressive woman. We are an item. What we don't need at this stage is photographers lurking in bushes. If this is to develop give us a chance. I'm not a politician and we're not spies. I don't want to be surrounded by photographers because that could wreck something." This bombshell earns Paul a "People" magazine cover story and sends the MACCA-L server into overdrive.