In a celebration of the works of Sir John Tavener at New York's St. Ignatius Loyola Church, Paul reads the part of the narrator in the poem "In the Month of Athyr" by Greek poet C.P. Cavafy. His performance, broadcast live on WNYC, is described as "stately" and "somber".

"The Linda McCartney Story" airs on CBS with Elizabeth Mitchell as Linda and Gary Bakewell (of "Backbeat") as Paul. The film, based on Danny Fields' biography, covers Linda's life as a single mother and part-time photpgrapher of rock stars, through her 1998 death from cancer. Despite some tender moments, fans are disturbed by the film's too-realistic and seemingly intrusive depiction of her final days and the family's private ceremony to scatter her ashes. The film is CBS' lowest-rated Sunday night movie of the year.

Paul receives the first Fellowship of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters at the Ivor Novello awards. "This is one of the best awards I've ever had," says Paul. "It's totally cool." And winning this year's Macca-l "You Betcha" award for truth in Macca commentary is chairman of the Academy Guy Fletcher. He explains that Paul "has a universal gift, a talent to move, to entertain and to inspire. This is the most prestigious honor the academy has ever given out and it is given to a man who has made an extraordinary contribution to our industry. He has played a major role in changing the world of popular music, and more than that, he has been an exemplary role model for young people the world over."


"Professor" Paul conducts a master class in recording techniques at LIPA, the performing arts school in Liverpool he helped found.