At New York's Matthew Marks Gallery, Paul attends the invitation-only opening night of the first American exhibition of his paintings. The show includes 28 canvases. Limited edition signed prints of three of the paintings go on sale for $1750 each, as well as 200 signed copies of the "Paintings" book. Proceeds benefit the Garland Appeal and Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Clinics. Paul spends a week in New York where he is spotted shopping at Macy's and Bloomingdale's (the latter home to its own Apple-approved "Beatles Shop"). Aboard the Forbes yacht, Paul is interviewed by Carson Daly of MTV for the upcoming "100 Greatest Pop Songs" countdown show ("Maybe I'm Amazed" at #52, "Yesterday" tops the list).

The Beatles "1" CD is released, compiling 27 of the band's #1 singles. The album tops charts in 28 countries and sells 3.6 million worldwide in its first week.

...and in related news, "Business Age" magazine reports Paul is the richest rock star ever, with a fortune of $750 million, topping second place Elton John by a whopping $500 million.