"Liverpool Sound Collage", Paul's latest avant-garde deviation, is released. With assistance from Super Furry Animals, Paul and producer Youth weave rhythm tracks, dialog snippets from Beatles session tapes and clips of Paul interviewing passersby in the streets of Liverpool ("Whaddya think of the Beatles?"). Publicist Geoff Baker ruffles fan feathers by asserting that the "Collage" is "the first original work featuring the Beatles since 'Free As a Bird'...McCartney has created a manic Beatles single." Paul is a little less grandiose: "It is a new little piece of the Beatles...It is a little side dish that is not to be confused with my other work."

Paul attends Stella's Chloe fashion show in Paris. Alongside him in the front row is former 1960's fashion "It Girl" Twiggy.

An "art-cast" featuring portions of Paul's chat at the Arnolfini Gallery and a live on-line chat, appears on PC screens worldwide. Sample from the live chat: Q:"Have you ever eaten peanut butter and tomato sandwiches?" A:"I must say I have not had the pleasure of a peanut butter and tomato sarnie, but my dad used to make a fine pea sandwich. Unfortunately, my mates would only eat them in extremely dire circumstances...Hey guys, all you cyber people out there, I've run out of time and I've got to get my cute little ass in gear and get ready for the next thang, so let's do it again sometime. Lots of love."

Stella wins "Designer of the Year" honors at the VH-1/Vogue Fashion Awards in New York. Stella's dad, as special surprise presenter, stops the show with a long, heartfelt embrace of his designing daughter on stage. "I'm totally freaked out," says a gobsmacked Stella to her famous father. "I had no idea you were coming...Don't tell me I have to take YOU out now!" Paul reveals one more surprise for Stella--he opens his jacket to reveal a t-shirt inscribed with the message, "About flippin' time!", a G-rated variation of the t-shirt slogan Stella displayed at her father's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1999. After the ceremonies, Paul, Stella and Heather Mills party at the Hotel Hudson and shoot pool with fashionably unfashionable Keith Richards.

Heather Mills tells her life story on the UK TV programme "Stars and Their Lives". Making yet another surprise appearance, Paul kisses Heather twice and confesses, "I lover her" to a national viewing audience. Tabloids again boil over, this time intimating that the McKids were not amused. "They wished the earth would swallow them up," says one "insider".

Heather Mills is interviewed by Barbara Walters on TV's "20/20". "Have you found your knight in shining armour?" asks Babs. "I like to think so," says Heather.