Nothing like a little OPC to spice up the workplace! I'm employed as a buyer in a nursery. This year I prepared for bare root Macca rose season by making this sign, not only to sell roses, but to attract Paul fans and increase my on the job Macca karma. Within minutes of unpacking the roses and displaying them with this sign, a woman, who happened to be walking by, came into the nursery and purchased a rose for her Paul loving, adult son. They had gone together to see him in Berkeley and she had wonderful memories of the warm, communal feeling of that concert. She didn't look like a person who was a kid when the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan, either! Of our rose selections, the Macca roses were one of the first varieties to sell out. Unfortunately, most of these sold on my days off, when I wasn't there to pull out the potential stories.

The Let It Be rock lives in my garden next to my Paul rose and a small rock that a friend brought me from Strawberry Fields in Central Park (that lives in the soil, down near Macca's roots, so it doesn't get lost). The violas are a variety called "Penny Lane" and the blades of grass that are barely visible in the picture are from a sedge called "The Beatles". I didn't realize it until after Linda died, but the small daisy like flowers that live next to my Macca rose are called "Santa Barbara Daisies", an unfortunate coincidence. There's some lavender growing around there too, confirmed as one of Paul and his dad's favorites.

1999 Karen Lopez - Digital Art Lynn Harvey

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