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MARCH 28, 1999


MACCA-L and LindaMac-L, the Internet's leading subscription e-mail lists dedicated to Paul and Linda McCartney, held its first charity auction for 1999 and raised over $2,300 in a two day Valentine charity auction dedicated to the memory of Linda McCartney.  All proceeds from the auction, held February 14 & 15, 1999, were donated to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, a breast cancer help and information organization in England endorsed by the McCartney family.  BACUP has launched a Memorial Appeal to appoint a Linda McCartney Nurse who will enable the organization to help another 3,000 callers to their help line each year.  Please see for more information about BACUP

MACCA-L held its first charity drive on June 18, 1997 to celebrate Paul McCartney's 55th birthday, by collecting donations raising $780, which was donated to the UK's Bristol Cancer Help Centre in honor of Sir Paul.   MACCA-L's inaugural charity auction was held in January, 1998, raising $315 for PETA.  On April 27-29, 1998, a memorial charity auction was held by MACCA-L, LindaMac-L and members of CompuServe's Beatles Forum.  This auction, which helped to channel member's shock and grief over the sudden death of Lady Linda McCartney, raised $2,445 which was shared by Bristol Cancer Help Centre and PETA.  Another memorial auction held in conjunction with the HOT-L mail list, a mail list for George Harrison, on November 1 & 2, 1998, raised over $2,500.  All proceeds from this auction were donated to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), an animal rights organization the McCartneys supported avidly.   In 1998, list members raised over $5,200, all of which was donated to charities known to be supported by Sir Paul and Lady Linda.  PETA's site can be found at:

MACCA-L is owned and moderated by Lynn Harvey and Cathy Munro. MACCA-L started as a e-mail list in 1995 but was firmly established and more well known when it was taken over by Melody Clark in 1996.  Starting in May 1997, Melody co-moderated with Cathy Munro until Melody left the list in December of that year.    MACCA-L, dedicated to Sir Paul, whose catch-phrases are "All Paul All the Time" and "Paul Without Guilt," was created in response to increasing negativity toward Paul and his music on various Internet Beatles sites.   The purpose of MACCA-L is to provide a moderated forum for the discussion and celebration of the music and life of Paul McCartney in a supportive and positive environment.  A list created by fans for fans, MACCA-L membership has grown steadily over the past three years, and presently serves an average of 500 subscribers per year.   A sibling list, Linda Mac-L, was established on June 18, 1997 and is dedicated to the life and work of Linda McCartney.  Membership now numbers 200 subscribers, and popular topics include Linda's Go Veggie campaigns, her photography, animal rights issues, and her performance career alongside her husband in Wings.

In the days following Linda's death on April 17, 1998, both MACCA-L and LindaMac-L became central Internet sites for the world-wide outpouring of tributes and condolences to Paul and his family.   CNN posted links to both lists on their website, and the LindaMac-L/MACCA-L Tribute Book received email sympathy messages from around the world.  The 178-page Tribute Book, containing over 325 messages, was delivered to Paul's representatives in London as a gift from the two lists.  In addition, since April of 1998, the LindaMac-L page has been ranked in the top 10 sites of the Vegetarian Web Ring, a network of World Wide Web vegetarian sites, logging 1640 hits in the eight weeks following Linda's death.  The online tribute book can be found through links on both home pages.

Recognised as one of the leading fan-created Paul McCartney sites on the Internet, MACCA-L was awarded the PC World Magazine/Tipworld's Email List of the Day Award on April 15, 1998.  The MACCA-L homepage is a participating member of the Internet's Macca Web Ring and the Paul McCartney Web Ring, and is also linked on the Compuserve Beatles Forum.  In 1999, MACCA-L was nominated as one of Laxton's Superb Beatles Sites for the best Paul McCartney site on the Internet.  MACCA-L and LindaMac-L were both given awards and designated a top 10 percent music site by Top Ten Music Sites Net.  In addition to charity auctions, MACCA-L sponsors other official annual activities including a Birthday Message Page for Paul McCartney, and a Holiday Greeting page for Sir Paul and his family.  The homepage contains links to respected Beatles/Paul sites on the Internet, a Go Veggie for Linda link, information on Linda McCartney's photography exhibits and books, and the itinerary of performances of Sir Paul's classical work, Standing Stone.  The homepage also provides a recommended reading list for resources on The Beatles and their solo careers, as well as a link providing translations of emails from English into eight different languages.  MACCA-L also operates the OPC Store, which offers numerous books, videos and other products associated with Sir Paul and The Beatles, established in agreement with

Media Representatives from MACCA-L and LindaMac-L have covered major events associated with Paul and Linda, including the Paul's VH1 Town Hall Meeting to promote Flaming Pie, the world and North American premieres of Standing Stone, Paul's historic autograph session at London's HMV record store, and UK and US exhibits of Linda's photographs.  MACCA-L and LindaMac-L will have list members attending the debut of Paul's artwork at Kunstforum Lz, Siegen, Germany, May 1 to July 25, 1999.

For information regarding subscriptions to MACCA-L and/or Linda Mac-L, please e-mail Cathy Munro at  Please direct all media requests to Andrea Coyle at, Lynn Harvey at or Cathy Munro at


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