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April 19, 2001


Yes is it a wonderful story. All true. Our sitter's son-in-law, Bill, was in Philly enroute to NYC on business. He bought a first class train ticket by accident. He said there were four people in the car: him, a guy snoring and PAUL & HEATHER!! Seemed strange to me; no body guards.




Anyway, he approached Paul and said "I hope this doesn't sound too boorish, but may I ask for an autograph for one of your biggest fans?" Paul grinned and asked for the name. Bill said "Nadine" and Paul started singing the Chuck Berry song. They spoke for a bit. Bill asked if he would be touring the Midwest and Paul said no, he was promoting the Wings anthology and another album.


Bill then told Paul he was going to try to get me on the phone and Paul walked up to him and said "Do you have her on the line - is she on the line?" And, I WASN'T! Missed the call—but have the autograph!

Wish I would have gotten that call!