Hari Pseudonyms
by Aya Makarova

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Name LP/EP/SP Recording Artist Contribution Special notes
Artur Wax ELECTRONIC SOUND George Harrison Author of the annotation  
Bette Y El Mysterioso KEEP ME COMING Jesse Ed Davis Guitar  
Carl Harrison   Silver Beetles   During the period of The Silver Beetles
George H. I WROTE A SIMPLE SONG Billy Preston Guitar  
George Harrysong LP SON OF SCHMILSSON Harry Nilsson Guitar Only on"You're Breaking My Heart"
George Harrysong SOMETIME IN NEW YORK CITY John & Yoko Guitar

Only on "Cold Turkey" and "Don't Worry Kyoko Mummy's Only Looking for her Hand in the Snow"

George O'Hara FOOTPRINT Garry Wright Guitar  
George O'Hara THAT WAS ONLY YESTERDAY Garry Wright Guitar  
George O'Hara THE TIN MAN WAS A DREAMER Nicky Hopkins Guitar  
George O'Hara-Smith THE WORST OF ASHTON, GARDNER & DYKE Ashton, Gardner
& Dyke
Guitar Only on "I'm Your Spiritual Breadman"
(The) George O'Hara-Smith Singers ALL THINGS MUST PASS George Harrison Backing vocals  
George Ohnothimagen Harrison <None> Monthy Python Producer Lumberjack Song (This name also appears on the cover of his LP Extra Texture)  
Hari Georgeson <None> HOT-L Best-beloved In any message =)
Hari Georgeson THE PLACE I LOVE Splinter Producer, guitar, percussion, mandolin, harmonium  
Hari Georgeson HARDER TO LIVE Splinter Co-producer, guitar Only on "Lonely Man"
Hari Georgeson IT'S MY PLEASURE Billy Preston Guitar  
Hari Georgeson RAVI SHANKAR FAMILY & FRIENDS Ravi Shankar Family & Friends Guitar  
Jai Raj Harisein THE PLACE I LOVE Splinter Perussion  
L'Angelo Mysterioso <lots of> Cream Guitar Only on "Badge"
L'Angelo Mysterioso SONGS FOR A TAYLOR Jack Bruce Guitar Only on "Never Tell Your Mother She's out of Tune"
Nelson Wilbury TRAVELING WILBURYS VOL. 1 Traveling Wilburys Producer, guitar, lead and back vocals.  
Nelson Wilbury 2 CD LIVE IN JAPAN George Harrison Co-producer  
Nelson Wilbury
Wilburys (?) -
P. Roducer THE PLACE I LOVE Splinter Moog and harmonium  
Son of Harry IT'S LIKE YOU NEVER LEFT * Dave Mason Guitar Only on "If You've Got Love"  
Spike Wilbury TRAVELING WILBURYS VOL. 3 Traveling Wilburys Producer, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, sitar, lead and back vocals  
Spike Wilbury 2 CD LIVE IN JAPAN George Harrison Co-producer  

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